About Us

We believe that every real estate agent has the ability to create an extraordinary real estate business for themselves. Unfortunately, real estate companies do not have the knowledge or resources to provide the proper training that is necessary to grow a profitable business. Your company is hoping you will be one of those lucky ones that has a great network of people who will do deals with you. Real Estate Sales Solutions is about Being the Solution for your real estate business needs. Our method of serving the real estate industry is by being the example of real estate success.

Who are we?

The leader of Real Estate Sales Solutions is Greg Harrelson from Myrtle Beach, SC. Greg is an active realtor and business owner of Century 21 The Harrelson Group with 25 full time real estate agents who closed over 850 real estate transactions in 2010, will close over 900 in 2012 and has a bullet proof business plan to close over 1400 in 2012 without having to add more then a few more agents. Most of the agents in his office were brand new to the business when Greg hired them meaning it was his training and mentoring that led them to this success. This year alone, 4 of his agents will sell over 100 homes or condos in Myrtle Beach.the rest of the agents are on a huge upswing and will all exceed their personal goals. The companies personal production per agent statistics earn him the number one spot of all Century 21 offices in the US.

One personal fact worth noting about Greg Harrelson…Greg consistently listed and sold over 300 homes and condos each year for 5 years and recorded his best year at 484 closings. Ninety percent of all of Greg’s closed transactions came from the generating strategies that are shared through this Real Estate Sales Solutions website.

My mission is to Lead by Example.

My focus is in Contributing to Others.

My intention is to Serve the Agent.

My mindset is to push the limits of what we believe we can accomplish.

How will Real Estate Sales Solutions help you?

Over the years, Greg learned that the best way to help another agent grow their business is by Being an Example. According to Greg Harrelson, too many companies like to tell their agents how to grow their business yet never show them how to grow their business. There is a big difference between telling and showing.

The idea for Real Estate Sales Solutions was created because agents were constantly asking Greg if they could visit his sales company, interview his team and take home the various training materials that they would see while visiting. The feedback from the visits and the material was amazing and these agents would go home and experience growth in their personal business.

Real Estate Sales Solutions is your chance to access all of the training materials that Greg has used to train his own agents. Once you access the website, you will see his business plans, agents business plans, training articles, drip campaigns, marketing materials, market domination strategies, video training, generating strategies, expires strategies, price reductions strategies and various other money making ideas. Additional material is being uploaded every week as Greg coaches his company.

Is the information current and relevant to the market?

Real Estate Sales Solutions is your way to shadow the top real estate team on a daily basis. Every week, as Greg trains his team, Real Estate Sales Solutions records and publishes the training onto this website. For example, Greg Harrelson will conduct a Business Building meeting every Tuesday at 10:45 am in his office. By 2 pm, the recording of his meeting will be online. Their is nothing more powerful than having fresh content available to you each week. Finally, you have access to real information that is proven to make a difference. Every single bit of content on this site is being used right now to generate real estate closings.

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