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Seller Leads for Real Estate Agents (Bold Leads)

June 5, 2015 • Coaching, Income Generating Systems • Views: 10143

Real estate agents have been using marketing automation for years to capture buyer leads. It wasn’t until the last year before the real estate industry figured out how to generate seller leads. It has been said for years that, ‘Listing sellers is the name of the game’, or, ‘You have Continue Reading


How to Hold a Profitable Open House

December 7, 2011 • Income Generating Systems • Views: 2859

Holding an open house has been a topic for debate by brokers for many years. Some say they work and some say they do not work. No matter which answer you hear, they are right. You may be asking, how can you say that both are correct? Well, they work Continue Reading


CPR – Creating Profits through Reductions

December 7, 2011 • Income Generating Systems • Views: 1466

One of the biggest complaints about real estate agents is that they ‘listed my home and never called me again.’ Unfortunately, the statement is more truth then it is false. In order to excel in your real estate business, it is imperative that you understand why agents do this. Sellers Continue Reading


POD Generation Plan – (POD-GP)

December 7, 2011 • Income Generating Systems • Views: 3603

The POD-GP is designed to assist the active agent in producing long term profits by dominating a chosen geographical area. Profitable geographical areas have been identified by the company and distributed to the agents that are willing to commit to the following generating plan. It is the intention of the Continue Reading


Breath Life into those Expired’s without numbers.

December 7, 2011 • Income Generating Systems • Views: 1855

Prospecting is a critical factor to growing any real estate business. Most agents think that prospecting is doing nothing more then randomly calling strangers. That could not be further from the truth. Agents also make the mistake of thinking that the only people they can prospect is buyers or sellers, Continue Reading


Adopt a Buyer Program – ‘Profit on the other side’

December 7, 2011 • Income Generating Systems • Views: 2953

The following program is designed for us to establish great rapport with the buyers who are purchasing our listings. Within a few months, I want our company to be viewed as their company. We will support them through the years by answering their questions keeping them informed as to how Continue Reading

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