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How I Sell a Myrtle Beach House – Greg exposes three important things he does when selling a home that set him apart and supercharges not only his results, but his reputation in the industry.

Winning Real Estate – Winning Real Estate co-authors Greg Harrelson and Rhett Harmon break down Greg’s chapter in prospecting, from scripts to calculating numbers to mental tricks to keep you on track.

Infusionsoft Marketing Through Text – Greg shares how he uses texts vis Infusionsoft to build relationships and generate referrals automatically.

How to Create a Top Producing Agent from Scratch – In this episode of Keeping It Real Mastermind, Jeff Munson, founder of Real Geeks, invites Greg to share how he trains agents to become top producers.

Infusionsoft Real Estate Marketing

Get up and running fast with our Real Estate Package! 8 pre-built Infusionsoft campaigns, all ready to go.
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Top 3 Qualities Of Top Sales People

There are 3 Common Qualities Of Top Real Estate Agents: I have been fortunate to travel the country and speak with thousands of agents and coach many agents in different markets. Here are 3 things that I have learned….  1. Ambition The agents had an intense desire to...

What is Contact Junkie?

How Automation Changed The Follow Up Game   Do you find it difficult fitting in enough lead follow up during your day? Do you ever follow up too late? Do you have issues with following up too little?   Here’s a thought.... You never lose business due to too much...

Art Of Price Reduction

Price reductions are a critical part of the business. Let’s face it, we use our knowledge to price a property and sometimes it still doesn’t sell. As a real estate agent, I don’t want to beat up a seller on price. We all want to get the seller top dollar. But, we...

The Scripts Every Agent Must Know

Sales is the ability to ask a series of questions that helps you and a prospect get to a mutually desired result. Like, helping a client sell or helping a client buy. The greatest sales people are the agents that are most comfortable in the real estate conversation....

Real Geeks Websites – Why do I recommend them?

I get multiple calls per week asking me what I think about Real Geeks. This tells me there are a lot of people looking at the platform. I tend to get the call because I’ve had one of the most trafficked sites within the Real Geeks ecosystem. Most people know that I’ve...

3 Ways You Can Leverage Contact Junkie To Build Your Business

1. Increase the amount of online leads you speak to the first day. Have you ever gotten a lead you called immediately but they didn't answer and they never called you back? We know if you do not get the lead on the phone immediately, the chances of doing business with...

Increasing Your ROI with Contact Junkie

The cost of a lead has skyrocketed over the last few years. The big lead portals like Trulia, Zillow and Realtor are charging prices that only to top producing agents can afford. Even the best agents are complaining about lead costs and trying to negotiate down the...

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation For Real Estate Teams

Real Estate Teams are a trend that will not likely go away anytime soon. We are seeing teams pop up everywhere and in many cases, teams are now expanding beyond their primary market. One challenge we see with teams these days is their inability to handle multiple...

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