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Collaborator Corner: Get access to the best real estate content from some of the best agents and coaches around the country. They will share with you effective, proven techniques and tips that work.


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Developing Leaders Within and Around You

What are you doing to develop yourself personally? Leadership growth is not automatic. It takes time. Self discipline is the price tag of leadership. The dream is free but the journey isn’t…too many people fall in love with the dream but not the journey. It’s an uphill journey. My greatest challenge in leadership is not… Read more »

Advanced Database Mining Tips

Everyone talks about the database. On this session, Greg and Abe will discuss advanced strategies to monetize the database. Difference between having a database and having a Databank: A database is a bunch or grouping of leads thrown into a CRM.  A databank is a segmented, highly detailed and organized machine that constantly is being… Read more »

How Improving your Top Of Funnel Conversion can Lead to Breakthrough Results Instantly

What is Top of Funnel Conversion? Top of Funnel conversion is the percentage of leads you CONNECT with out of ALL the leads that you generate.  Basically, how many of the people you generate do you talk with?    In contrast, The Bottom of the funnel conversion is where most agents mistakenly focus all their… Read more »