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Break on Through to the Other Side

 Introduction I want to start the morning talking about what you want to talk about. It is easy for me to stand up hear and talk about what I want to talk about. Today, I am committed to getting a better understanding of where you are and what you want to know. This is the… Read more »

Reduction Steps

Not too long ago, I mentioned to each of you that you needed to reduce at least 40% of your inventory immediately. I am committed to helping you reaxch your goals this year and know that my job will be to hold you more accountable to your promises than ever before. I will not make… Read more »

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Mastery Notes   “In times of change, the learners will inherit abundance”   Decrease the chances of failing Know your basic strategy Have great tactics Money Management Business Awareness – where are u? Team Play – collaborate Always minimize risk by having a great strategy Tony Robbins – Business… Read more »

How Can I Generate 40 New Listings in March

How can I generate 40 new  listings in March? 1. Contact every builder I know and ask for the standing inventory. 2. Create an email for builders indicating activity is high and it is times to get their properties on the market. 3. Call all of my bankers and and ask for their rep listings…. Read more »

C21The Harrelson Group Marketing – Marcliffe 3-5-12

C21 The Harrelson Group #1 in sales in 2008 & 2009   Marketing Summary Century 21 The Harrelson Group is a local real estate firm specializing in various types of residential sales throughout Horry and Georgetown Counties. It is our non-traditional approach to marketing and our commitment to developing trained sales professionals that gives us… Read more »

What Makes you Different than the Other Agents

What’s the difference between you and all the other agents in the business? When you take a good look at any market, you will find that the difference between you and the other agents is very little. Of course, some agents do very little business, some do a little business and others do a lot… Read more »

Seven Habits of Highly Productive Agents

To become a highly productive real estate agent, you MUST…. •   You Must Distance Yourself from the Masses •   You Must Understand that your Habits Will Determine Your Future •   You Must change your habits   Negative habits breed negative consequences while successful habits create successful consequences. You can turn negative consequences… Read more »

Preparing for Production in the New Year

By Greg Harelson – Century 21 The Harrelson Group As the New Year approaches and you begin making those resolutions about your real estate business, you must remember to keep things SIMPLE. Growth is not measured by how many things you change or how big of a change you make. Growth will occur because you… Read more »

Mastermind Notes – What to Talk About

GREG HARRELSON   12 Topics to discuss with Past Customers and COI throughout the year   1. Call to discuss property tax and help with a possible appeal. Over the past five years, paying too much in properties taxes has been a major concern. When is the last time you looked at your properties assessed… Read more »

Life Changing Career

Building a Long Lasting and Life Changing Career in real estate. 1. Focus on the long run. Top agents around the country look further down the road than most. Yes, we all want that immediate commission check, some of us may be desperate to get the next one. It is important to follow a business… Read more »

Increase Per Agent Production – C21 National Conference

Increase Per agent Production Per agent Production starts with the leaders…not, the agents. Though production is generated by the agents, it is most influenced by the company’s operator. A few questions: 1. What business are you in? Consulting and Coaching business? Or, Real estate? I am the real estate agent consulting business. I help build… Read more »

Full Year of Conversations with your COI

 12 Topics to discuss with Past Customers and COI throughout the year 1. Call to discuss property tax and help with a possible appeal. Over the past five years, paying too much in properties taxes has been a major concern. When is the last time you looked at your properties assessed value to see if… Read more »

Cash In with COI

Cash-In on your Center of Influence I have been sharing a lot about mindset today. Talking about how to approach your business from the mental side. I do believe that this is the critical component that will influence your success the most. I do want to give you at least one simple system that you… Read more »

Mini Business Plan

This mini business plan is designed to produce immediate results while allowing plenty of flexibility to change directions depending on the results that you produce. In order for you to experience success, you must be 100% committed to following the plan as it is written. This is a 6 day plan that starts on a… Read more »

Coaching Call – Transform Your Business in 7 Days

No matter what your production level, there is always an opportunity to grow your production without reinvention of your business and many times without much effort. Typically, the going to the next level takes less physical effort then it takes to produce at the currently level. Though the next level is not physically taxing, it… Read more »

Real Estate Tip from Greg Harrelson

I hope this year is starting off good for you and your business. Personally, I believe we can all achieve great success this year in real estate if we apply the right mindset. For the past 5 years, so many agents have been trying to figure out if the market is going down further or… Read more »

Myrtle Beach Short Sales are becoming the Investors Choice

For a few years, Myrtle Beach Short Sales were ignored do to over supply of foreclosure listings in the local MLS. Now that buyers are competing for foreclosures in Myrtle Beach and finding themselves in a bidding war, they’re starting to turn to short sales to find value and make sound investments. Investing in Short… Read more »

Creative Thinking

What can I do to increase listing and buyer leads? 1. You have to have a prospecting system that out works the competition and the market. 2. Look into Boom Town and Tiger Leads or Real estate web masters for more buyer leads. 3. Remember the most profitable part of my business is to self… Read more »

Creative Thinking —How can I be more efficient and improve communications with clients?

1. Create a communication calendar 2. Sign up for a feedback service to automate the process of reporting comments from showings. 3. Sign up your sellers for market snapshot. 4. Sign up your sellers for mls updates so they are alerted every time another property gets listed or reduced. 5. Use drip systems and a… Read more »

187 Ways to Improve Your Business

19 Ways to Create Business to Come to Me (Contributed by Greg Sisson) 1) Join Civic Organization 2) Take someone to lunch once per week doing way more than me 3) Expand e-mail communities 4) Refer business to more people 5) Strengthen my mindset which will attract more to me 6) Another Referral Company like… Read more »

CPR – Creating Profits through Reductions

One of the biggest complaints about real estate agents is that they ‘listed my home and never called me again.’ Unfortunately, the statement is more truth then it is false. In order to excel in your real estate business, it is imperative that you understand why agents do this. Sellers will claim that their agent… Read more »

POD Generation Plan – (POD-GP)

The POD-GP is designed to assist the active agent in producing long term profits by dominating a chosen geographical area. Profitable geographical areas have been identified by the company and distributed to the agents that are willing to commit to the following generating plan. It is the intention of the company and the agent that… Read more »

Why Sell During The Holidays

*View The PDF Version Here. I am sending you another email this morning to discuss an important conversation I have had recently with about ten of my current clients. I typically do not send more then one update per month yet with the year coming to an end, I thought it would be helpful if… Read more »

Reasons Why people set goals and Fail to Follow Through!

The purpose of this article is to discuss the characteristics that successful people have in common. Specifically, the characteristics that inspire them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to each one of us. First, let’s identify why what it is that causes people… Read more »

Uncovering Their True Motivation

Motivation What is motivation? Motivation is the driving force which influences our actions. Motivation is the why behind the action. Think about this analogy. You have a car with a full tank of gas, a well-tuned engine, a brand new set of tires, amazing sound system, and a sleek, polished exterior. There it sits. This… Read more »

Three Signs of a Powerful Mindset

*View The PDF Version Here. There are sales people all across America that have learned to talk like a winner yet very often they do not get the results they desire. As a coach in this industry, I believe there is a direct correlation between the results that one achieves and the attitude that they… Read more »

The morning ritual

Imagine watching a show on television about an ancient tribe in some third world country. Often you will see that they have certain rituals that are never broken. No matter the weather, their health or personal challenges they are facing, they still attend the ritual. They attend as if their life depends on it, as… Read more »

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

*View The PDF Version Here. I was recently reviewing about 10 years of notes that I have collected while participating in coaching, watching seminars and meetings with mastermind groups. As I was looking through the notes, I noticed that there were some common topics that were discussed each year. The topic most discussed was the… Read more »

Stick with the Standards

A major disadvantage in the real estate industry is in the lack of understanding of minimum standards. In real estate, like other industries, there are known standards that agents can use to monitor their business and determine their effectiveness in the following areas: • Time Management • Prospecting Skills • Listing Presentation Skills • Buyer… Read more »

Simple Rules to Role Playing

A common characteristic among professionals who excel in their business or sport is practice. It is easy to look at an athlete and immediately grasp how practice will help them perform better. Tiger Woods, for example, spends many hours during the week practicing on the putting green. Micheal Jordan spent hours on the court practicing… Read more »

Road to Success

As some of you know, I recently attended another real estate training and coaching event on the West Coast. It is important for me to constantly be learning about the art of real estate sales and also keep on top of the most current trends in the industry. In one of the sessions, I wrote… Read more »

Growing In An Unpredictable Market

I happened to be a guest on a conference call of nearly 300 great agents and we were discussing how to grow your real estate business in an unpredictable market, meaning, a market where we are not sure if we have hit bottom, if it is going down further or if we are in the… Read more »

From Real Estate Bust to Real Estate Boom

All of us understand the real estate markets around the United States have experienced one of the largest declines in history. Who could have predicted the changes that we have had over the past 5 years? Unfortunately, this massive decline has led many real estate agents out of business, forced them to get 2nd jobs… Read more »

Do you Have What it Takes to Become a Champion?

What is a Champion? According to one definition in the dictionary, a champion is one who excels above others. All of us know of people that seem to excel iin everything that they do. They are the people that start a new job and seem to reach the top quickly or they are the one’s… Read more »

The Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market could be confusing!

Are you prepared to Succeed? I have had fielded many calls from real estate agents around the country asking me what I felt about the recent volatility on the stock market and how I thought this would impact our real estate market. The fact of the matter is that we cannot predict what will happen… Read more »