The Kickoff


Welcome to the Kickoff!

Real estate is the game you have chosen to play and deep down, YOU know that you have the motivation to be successful in your Real Estate career. The Kickoff Program will give you that boost of confidence that is needed when you feel like you are lost. Remember….Real estate is a Game Of Confidence!

What To Expect:

  • Session 1: How To Score Quickly In The Business!
  • Session 2: The Five Components Of Fanatical Follow Up Chapter!
  • Session 3: Move Them From Acquaintance To Advocate Chapter!
  • Session 4: Going Beyond The Basics!
  • Session 5: Understanding Momentum Shifts!
  • Session 6: Accelerate – 10 Step Process To A Breakthrough!
  • Session 7: It’s Just A Game of Real Estate – Time For YOU to WIN!
  • Session 8: The HOT Seat: Time To Tackle Greg With Live Q & A!
9 Lessons
$99.00 Price