The Red Zone

The Red Zone:

The Red Zone is a 12 week program to help you finish the last quarter strong and start off the first quarter with momentum.  Greg Harrelson will be releasing a coaching call per week over the next 12 weeks to give you the tools needed to supercharge your business.

This is your chance to be coached by Greg Harrelson for 12 weeks for an insane price of $89

What To Expect:

90 Days To Gain:

Mastery comes in many phases….it starts with the Formulation and quickly moves Concertation phase.

Lead Generation Strategies Explained:

Learn Top Agent secrets and how they convert contacts to listing agreements signed. It is actually easier than agents make it.

Top Buyer Agent Panel:

Learn how these agents are able to close between 50-95 buyer controlled sales each year. And, how these sales are leveraged for future listing sales.

12 Lessons
$89.00 Price