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Master the Skill of Challenging Your Perspective

**These are my notes from a recent superstar retreat with Mike Ferry and Matthew Ferry.

Master the skill of Changing Your Perspective

*Awareness makes you flexible which reveals new options and gives you power

*It’s your reaction to life that determines the experience you have

*How you experience the situation determines your resourcefulness

*Resourcefulness determines the level of opportunity

*Learn to control your emotional response

*It’s never them…it’s always you

*There are no jerks in the world until you show up

*Be 100% responsible for the way you feel in every situation

*Become unoffendable

Action Items:

*Have compassion

*Write a daily gratitude list & email to your partner

*How do you maintain optimism:

*Eliminate your worries by improving your integrity

*Do what you say you are going to do, stop overpromising

*Free yourself from obligation

*Today cancel 1 promise you made out of guilt & obligation

*Stop struggling against the business to achieve your goals

*The business isn’t hard, what you say about it is hard

*Be grateful for what you resist

*Make a list of things that you’re resisting & figure out what you appreciate about them

*Stop protecting yourself from all of the people who aren’t attacking you

*Stop holding people accountable to behaving like you

*Making other people right gives you the power

*Your reaction to other people is just a survival mechanism

*Stop pretending that you are psychic & can tell the future

*If you’re going to make things up, make up stories that are good

*You get to choose the way you feel based on the future that you create

*Describe the future you’re going to create & tell people about it