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We believe that every real estate agent has the ability to create an extraordinary real estate business for themselves. Unfortunately, most real estate companies don’t have the knowledge, resources or training to provide the tools necessary to grow a your business. Your company is hoping you will be one of those lucky agents that has a great database of people who will do deals with you without much effort.

Real Estate Sales Solutions is about Being the Solution for your real estate business needs. Our method of serving the real estate industry is by being the example of real estate success. All of the techniques and strategies that you will see on this site are those that we have used to grow a 3000+ closings per year business.

Who Are We?

The founder and content creator of Real Estate Sales Solutions is Greg Harrelson from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Greg is the coach, trainer and owner of multiple real estate companies. His companies cross into multiple markets including Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC.

His first company, Century 21 The Harrelson Group, was opened in 1999 and consisted of his small team which was grew to do over 400 deals per year. Of course, that was just the beginning. Through the years, Greg developed his team of agents to grow using multiple methods of lead generation, multi-channel marketing strategies and skill building to grow to over 100 agents now on track to do 3000 closings per year.

A key factor to the growth trajectory of Greg was his involvement as a One on One Coach for the Mike Ferry Organization, Coach for Matthew Ferry’s Academy of Influence as well as involvement with Tony Dicello, Diana Kokozka, Tom Ferry and so many others. Not only was Greg learning by being coached but he further developed his skills as a coach of agents all over the United States. He has a clear understanding of what an agent needs to develop a profitable career.

Greg Harrelson is known for developing talent. He has multiple success stories of agents obtaining a real estate license and getting to 100 closed deals per year in record speeds. He recently hired and trained a brand new agent, 21 years old that was new to the market and coached him to do 20 listings in his first 55 days without buying leads from an lead portals.

Most of the agents in his office were brand new to the business when Greg hired them meaning it was his training and mentoring that led them to this success. Greg has multiple agents that will sell over 100 -200 properties per year consistently. The companies personal production per agent (PPP) statistics earned him the number one spot of all Century 21 offices in the US.

One personal fact worth noting about Greg Harrelson…Greg consistently listed and sold over 300 homes and condos each year for multiple years and recorded his best year at 484 closings. Ninety percent of all of Greg’s closed transactions came from the generating and marketing strategies that are shared through this Real Estate Sales Solutions website.

My mission is to Lead by example.

My focus is to Contribute to others.

My intention is to Serve the agent.

My mindset is to Push The Limits of what we believe we can accomplish.

How Will RealEstateSalesSolutions.com Help You?

Over the years, Greg learned that the best way to help another agent grow their business is by Being an Example. According to Greg Harrelson, too many companies like to tell their agents how to grow their business yet never show them how to grow their business. There is a big difference between telling and showing.

The idea for Real Estate Sales Solutions was created because agents were constantly asking Greg if they could visit his sales company, interview his team and take home the various training materials that they would see while visiting. The feedback from the visits and the material was amazing and these agents would go home and experience growth in their personal business.

Real Estate Sales Solutions is your chance to access some of the training materials that Greg has used to train his own agents. Once you access the website, you will see his business plans, agents business plans, training articles, drip campaigns, marketing materials, market domination strategies, video training, generating strategies, expires strategies, price reductions strategies and various other money making ideas. Additional material is being uploaded every week as Greg coaches his company.

Is the Information Current and Relevant to the Market?

Real Estate Sales Solutions is your way to Shadow The Top Real Estate Team. It is important to know the materials added to this website were designed For Use …Not To Sell!

Meaning, Greg is not someone who is trying to create a bunch of content to take advantage of agents by selling them materials that haven’t been proven in the market. Every technique has been used by him and his agents and have gotten results worthy of repeating and sharing.

For example, all Infusionsoft Real Estate Campaigns that are offered to agents are being used in Greg’s office. Each of his agents are using Infusionsoft to build and communicate to their databases which attracts them hundreds of closed transactions each year. Greg did not create Infusionsoft content to sell, he created content for personal use and when it started working so well, he decided to allow others to use. You can be confident that all of Greg’s materials were designed the same way.

If you want to hear Greg discuss the most current sales techniques, you should tune in and subscribe to Greg’s Level Up Podcast where he can take you from agent to entrepreneur.

You can also check him out on Youtube: Real Estate Sales Solutions YouTube Channel

We hope you will find value in the content we offer for free on this site.